AdSense Money Making Strategy – What’s Yours?

AdSense Money Making Strategy - What's Yours?

Is it important to have a strategy to make money with AdSense? After all, it’s all very simple and just have a website approved and ready. This is probably one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet, do you agree?

In theory, all you need to do is sign up for Google’s affiliate program, create the ad fields, copy the codes, and insert into your website or blog. After that, just have your ads clicked and you’re done. You will be rich and powerful with a system that “works on automatic”.

In theory, or what you read in some blogs out there, the thing is simple and does not require any work, technique or dedication. The problem is that reality is not even close to that. Without having a strategy to make money with AdSense your earnings will not go from a few dollars a month.

The importance of having a strategy to make money in AdSense

Like any other business in the digital world, you need to know very well which tool you are working with. Knowing how AdSense works and everything else that involves the system, such as contextualizing the ad and the very logic of AdWords is key to succeed in this segment.

A lot of people are disappointed with the results precisely because they have not designed a strategy to make money with AdSense that guarantees them a revenue that justifies the effort in creating and maintaining a website or blog.

When you hear or read about AdSense success stories, things seem to be pretty easy, but the bottom line is that to get to that result, there’s been a lot of strategic planning before. That’s the key to success in AdSense.

In our AdSense course we worked hard on the concepts before entering into the practical part precisely because we understood that the knowledge of how the tool works is fundamental for anyone who wants to earn real money with AdSense.

Get to know the terrain

To set your strategy to make money with AdSense, first, you need to know the terrain where you will be acting.

For starters, search for a profitable niche for AdSense, since it’s not just any type of blog that can generate good ad revenue.

Defined this niche, it’s time to start your keyword research. It does not matter if you go out there filling your content blog if that content does not focus on a particular keyword or groups of words.

If you work in this way, it will leave Google confused and will not be able to attract the best ads to your site and your results will not be at all encouraging. It is important to produce relevant content for the blog and at the same time ensure the publication of ads that pay well.

The third point in your strategy to make money with AdSense is the attraction of traffic. Because AdSense revenue is directly related to the number of people who visit your site, you need to generate a lot of traffic to earn a good income. You will achieve this by applying SEO techniques that ensure your blog can be found on Google.

The fourth and last step, contrary to what many people imagine, is to create the blog and publish its content. Search the site as Theme Forest, a template that allows you to create a blog that is both beautiful and offers resources so that you can distribute your ads in the most efficient way possible.

Defining Your Marketing Strategy

Having solved the structure and content issues, your money-making strategy with AdSense now needs to focus on the marketing of your blog or website. Curiously, many people forget this phase and ends up frustrating.

When people search to know how to make money with AdSense, they usually focus on the structure, forgetting that the result comes from the volume of traffic that you are able to generate and not exclusively from the content. When it comes to AdSense strategy, it’s all related.

Who really wants to make money with a blog needs to keep in mind that success depends on your exposure. Whatever monetization strategy you adopt, you need to promote the blog, be it through search marketing actions, social media or email marketing.

As you can see, having a good money-making strategy with AdSense is key to getting the business to work. So before you start building your blog or website to monetize with AdSense, do a thorough planning.

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