Best Niche Sites for Adsense – How to Choose Yours

Best Niche Sites for Adsense - How to Choose Your

Best Niche Sites for Adsense – How to Choose Your

Knowing how to identify the best niches for Adsense is essential for anyone who wants to set up a blog and monetize it through affiliate programs that use contextualization as a way of determining ad distribution.

It will not hurt to create a super-exquisite blog with a compelling layout, a template full of features and develop top-quality content for your posts if the blog theme does not have a good number of advertisers that pay well for the value of the click.

The best niches for AdSense have their own features that you need to know in order to structure your blog in a segment that can bring you a good return on your creation and maintenance effort.

The Importance of Planning

In our Google AdSense Course we make it a point to emphasize the importance of the planning stage in the construction of a monetized blog, precisely because the financial result of the blog is not due to a single factor, much less depends on luck.

In this context the choice of the best niches for Google AdSense plays a fundamental role because we know that there are segments that pay a much higher value per click on ads than others.

Because AdSense distributes your ads based on a contextualization algorithm, the blog needs to address a theme that encourages, through published content, the insertion of high-value-per-click ads.

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How to choose the best niches for AdSense

For everyone who asks me how to make money with AdSense on blogs my preliminary answer is always the same: Segment the content of your blog and get away from the generic blog trap, which talks about everything a little and ends up saying nothing to anyone.

The advantages of niche blog are countless. The first of all is that by working in this way, you tend to become a reference on a certain subject and this helps you to create a reputation in the segment.

By becoming a benchmark, your visitors have a habit of coming back to your blog, spending more time browsing it, more often sharing your posts on social networks, and subscribing to your newsletter. In terms of user profile, it’s all a successful blogger wants.

From the point of view of traffic generation, working in a niche is also a great advantage because as your focus is a specific subject, you will have better chances of winning good positions on the pages of responses from the big search engines.

By working on a well-defined semantic cloud, applying SEO techniques, optimizing websites for search engines, your articles will be easier to place a good position on the first page of Google and thus attract more traffic.

Look for niches that you really enjoy and understand

Before we even go into technical considerations on how to choose the best niches for Adsense, you need to make it clear that first of all you should choose a segment that you really enjoy writing about and that you really understand.

I mention this because when I first started working with Google AdSense many years ago, I made the mistake of creating a blog about something I was not really passionate about.

The result was weak texts, without enthusiasm, that did not excite, did not hold the visitors and much less cause them to return to the blog. Clicks on ads? One or the other, but nothing that justified the effort and investment.

I do not even have to say that I did not win anything with him and I just let it go. If there is not a good deal of enthusiasm in the project, it’s no good getting started. So, look for an AdSense niche that is not only profitable but interesting too.

Take a long-term view

Another point that you should take into consideration is the long-term vision of your business. If you want to make money blogging for a long time, you need to choose a segment that has a good audience so that you can generate a good amount of traffic to your site.

Of course, Niche Market refers to a restricted audience, but it can not be so restricted so it can not generate traffic and consequently clicks on the site. It does not matter to you, no matter how relevant your site is in a certain segment, if it does not attract traffic, money does not appear.

To quantify the potential audience of each niche in our training, we’ve listed, among other tools, the Google Keyword Planner, a free tool that gives us a wealth of information that we can use to identify the best niche for AdSense.

Best Niche Sites for Adsense - How to Choose Yours Best Niche Sites for Adsense - How to Choose Yours

Look for AdSense niches without content restriction

Just as you can not choose a niche for AdSense that has a very restricted audience, another very common pitfall is choosing segments that do not have a thematic universe that enables you to create a large volume of articles for your blog.

That was another mistake I made at the beginning. I believed that any subject could offer me a number of interesting articles, but as time went on I discovered that some niches simply run out or are already saturated.

If you exhaust a subject, the result is that you will start producing content that is actually just “a little more of the same. With this, the public will lose interest in the blog, their visits will fall and no one else will return to the blog. Result: revenue downhill, stagnation and closure. A true vision of hell!

Choose the most profitable niches for AdSense

Having the audience analysis that you can count as traffic to your blog, it is time to do the economic viability analysis, that is, to check what is the recitation potential of this niche.

Some of the most contested segments pay better for clicks, since AdWords is an auction system, and to highlight advertisers, they are looking to bid higher for clicks to fill in the spaces available on blogs related to their area.

The best niches for AdSense are precisely the ones that have a large number of advertisers and at the same time have a high value per click. If you can find a niche with these characteristics and low competition, then that’s Nirvana.

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