SEO for AdSense – How important is it to the profitability of your blog

SEO for AdSense - How important is it to the profitability of your blog

Applying SEO techniques to AdSense is the right way for anyone who wants to make real money with Google AdSense.

The techniques of SEO – Search Engine Optimization aim to put your website and pages in prominent positions on the pages of answers from Google and other search engines, in what we call Organic Search results.

As we all know, visitors who access a blog or website through organic search results tend to click more on ads than do other traffic sources, such as social networks. So this is the kind of traffic we love to have on our site.

The importance of SEO for AdSense is just that. Generate traffic to the blog or website, and even more, qualified traffic, that is, the one with high potential to meet our conversion goals, which in this case are clicks on the ads. Generating traffic is one thing and generating high conversion potential traffic is another completely different.

Design your SEO strategy along with AdSense

The first step to be successful in your SEO strategy for AdSense is to sketch your goals very well and get to know your audience deeply, their yearnings, interests and habits. Only in this way will you be able to produce content that pleases your audience.

When we create a digital marketing strategy, we design what we call Persona de Marketing, the typical client that we want to impact with our campaigns. When your goal is to make money with AdSense, the process is the same.

Choose your niche nicely

Another important point of SEO in AdSense is the choice of niche market where you will act. As we said earlier here on the AdSense Course blog, not all segments are able to generate good returns with AdSense.

Some AdSense niches, due to competitiveness and search volume, try to generate a much better revenue than others. It is no coincidence that in our Google AdSense course, we have dedicated an extensive module to discuss this subject.

Some niches, in addition to paying very well, show a low competition between sites. Result: a true paradise in terms of SEO and consequently visibility in search engines.

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Create your SEO strategy for AdSense

To make money with Google AdSense, everything goes from planning, from choosing the layout of the site to the production of content, everything needs to be very well analyzed and planned so that you can make your blog a source of constant and durable income.

In the case of SEO for AdSense is no different. You need to develop an SEO strategy to be able to create a semantic cloud appropriate to your blog and to be able to hierarchize the groups of keywords to be optimized in order to generate traffic as fast as possible. This is actually one of the AdSense Secrets.

If you’re working with AdSense on YouTube videos, be aware that video optimization work on YouTube is critical to being found not only in web searches as a whole but also in internal YouTube searches. So never fail to apply SEO techniques also in videos.

The best way is to start with the words of Long Tail, easier to work on, even for their low competitiveness, and then move on to words that are more intense at work, such as Middle and Head.

Google Analytics as an SEO Partner

A key tool for SEO work for AdSense is Google Analytics, the free traffic tracking tool offered by Google itself. With it you can not only analyze in detail the traffic of your blog or website, but also check the results of your optimization actions.

SEO for AdSense - How important is it to the profitability of your blog

Another advantage of using GA for site monetization through AdSense is that it can give good clues in terms of content. Moreover, when used in conjunction with the Adsense earnings report, it can greatly assist in the process of maximizing your earnings.

Be an SEO Professional

One of the biggest allies of those who want to make money with AdSense are precisely the SEO techniques, so seek to become professional in this area. Website optimization is nothing “magical” and much less is a “secret for a few initiates. Website optimization is pure technique and a lot of serious work. Therefore, we recommend that you seek to qualify through good SEO training and constant updating through referral sites.

As you see, applying SEO techniques to AdSense is one of the best ways for you to generate qualified traffic to your blog or website, and thereby increase your revenue. Keep up to date on this and other issues related to the AdSense universe by subscribing to our Newsletter.

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