Why The 8-Hour Workday is Dangerous to our World

Extracts from the documentary "In Quest of Sense", these words underline the contradiction of these societies ready to exchange all their time for money.

Why The 8-Hour Workday is Dangerous to our World

Unless you are an heir, earning a lot of money takes an enormous amount of time. Consequently, becoming rich demands sacrifice of what is most precious in the world: time. The time spent in learning and cultivating oneself, the time that allows one to enjoy oneself, the time one offers to his children, the time one occupies to meet new people. It worth it? Nothing is less sure. Demonstration in this small discourse light and kneaded with common sense.

Paradoxically, the richest societies (especially Western societies) are also those that are the poorest in time. So it would be best to rethink how we produce and work. It is possible and this is in any case what this exciting excerpt of the documentary In Quest of Sense suggests. Look :

“No one should be obliged to work more than four hours a day to earn a living. The rest of the time should serve to nourish her mind and soul, to develop her imagination and her creativity. Happy sobriety can free us from this burden, from the burden of always having to earn money to survive. “

To work less, even if we do not have the superficial, would probably allow us to return to the essentials and not to spend each day waiting for the weekend and each week to wait for the holidays. Time should be able to savor 365 days a year, in fact.

An infinitely precious reminder.

To see the film In Search of meaning in its entirety, it is here.

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