4 reasons why I would buy the iPhone X

4 reasons why I would buy the iPhone X

Apple has created a new machine capable of shadowing its main competitors with very innovative elements and sowing at the same time the bases of the next devices that are to come. The iPhone X is the first step of a new generation, a major leap that carries risks and sacrifices, but that seems to prove once again how difficult it is to navigate in the right direction. I have some doubts about the terminal, but I also love other aspects, and they are these.


4 reasons why I would buy the iPhone X

Apple is the company that best knows how to convey the mime and the delicacy that they spend when designing a product, and with the iPhone X, you can feel once more when you have it in hand. Yes, the top visor may not be particularly nice, but the phone demonstrates elegance at each bezel. The curved termination glass fuses with the chassis thanks to a new manufacturing process that blends a concave chassis structure with an OLED panel with flexible design and overlapping internal circuits. The end result is a perfect fusion between two completely different materials.

The cameras

4 reasons why I would buy the iPhone X

If there is something I like about the iPhone 7 Plus are its cameras and its portrait mode, and with the arrival of the iPhone X, this incredible photographic mode has improved greatly. First, because the cameras are better, offering double stabilization (we will see if this time in the scene in low light we can use portrait mode) and new sensors of greater size and speed, and second because the software has been improved including new options with They get better portraits. We will be able to imitate professional lighting effects with a couple of clicks, and the blur effect will be present even in the front camera thanks to the new sensors included.

The bionic processor

4 reasons why I would buy the iPhone X

The new Bionic A11 processor can be a key piece in the evolution of the iPhone X in the coming months. And not just for the terminal, but for the complete Apple ecosystem. Thanks to its neural motor, the processor is able to perform 600,000 million operations per second, a capacity that makes this brain the perfect tool for augmented reality operations, identification of scenes when taking a photo, and even to grant faster to Siri.

In a few months, we will see great advances in the world of augmented reality, a sector that seems to be fundamental in Apple’s future plans, and which we are sure will change many of the practices we know today, starting with games.

Everything revolves around the iPhone X

4 reasons why I would buy the iPhone X

There is no doubt that the new iPhone X began to mark from the same day the next steps of Apple in the world of telephony. The pair of cameras and the processor will bring new features and applications that will once again revolutionize the way we use the phone today. The iPhone 8 will also be on a par in this regard, however, opting for the iPhone X would bet on a platform with higher aspirations and a new roadmap marked to determine the evolution of new models and future iPads.

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