5 things you didn’t know about the Google Chrome T-Rex game

5 things you didn't know about the Google Chrome T-Rex game

Although we complain that Chrome is the browser that consumes the most RAM, the reality is that it is not only one of the most complete, but also the most interesting, because Chrome has hidden many surprising tools such as the famous game of T-Rex that we can run when we do not have an Internet connection.

And a few days ago we came to know that the game would receive an update that would give it striking news, well, now we have some very curious details of this game thanks to a Google publication in which the company from Mountain View publishes an interview with its creators, known as Edward Jung, Sebastien Gabriel and Alan Bettes.

And is that as you know, a few days ago Google Chrome turned 10 years old, hence Google has wanted to share more information of one of the iconic features of Chrome as it is Chrome Dino, which is the name of the game, which is launched in September 2014, so it has already served 4 years between us.

1- How did you come up with the game?

The game is an analogy to modern prehistory, that is, those times in which there was no WiFi, hence the best reference was dinosaurs, and if there is a dinosaur that is representative of the Jurassic stage, that is the T-Rex.

On the other hand, Sebastien mentions that the cactus and desert configuration was part of the first iteration of the “you’re offline” page, while the visual style is a nod to the pixel-art style tradition in the error illustrations of Chrome.

2- How many people play Chrome Dino and where do they play more?

As Edward Jung has mentioned, every month Chrome Dino is executed about 270 million times in computers and smartphones, and most users come from markets with limited mobile data, such as India, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia.

As a curious fact, Edward mentioned that the point arrived at which they had to give the administrators of the schools and jobs a way to deactivate the game, because the children, and even the adults who were supposed to be working, started playing.

3- You can also play if you have an Internet connection

Although many users only play when they have no Internet connection, and many others put the Airplane mode on their phones or turn off the Internet connection to run Chrome Dino if you want to play having the Internet connection you just have to go to the next league chrome: // dino / 

Although it will tell you on the web that you do not have Internet access, you will see that the modality is different, since the game runs in full screen.

4- What flavor are the cakes of the new anniversary version of Chrome Dino?

Alan Bettes mentioned that one of his favorite pastimes is to prepare cakes, so he thought that a good element for this new version was to include a birthday cake that Dino could devour while dodging all kinds of obstacles.

5 things you didn't know about the Google Chrome T-Rex game
First design iterations of the dino character, code name Project Bolan (if you get that reference, we’ll strike a gong in your honor).

These cakes are vanilla flavor, and when you devour the first cake your birthday hat appears.

5- How long does it take to finish the game?

Edward Jung mentioned that the game is an “endless run” that they built to the fullest since basically, you would have to play for 17 million years to finish it because that is the amount of time in which the T-Rex was alive on Earth. In conclusion, basically, the game is infinite.

5 things you didn't know about the Google Chrome T-Rex game

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