7 Ways To Be More Attractive On Dating Applications

7 Ways To Be More Attractive On Dating Applications

Online dating can be challenging. Trying to be attractive is even more challenging. Try these tricks whose effectiveness has been statistically proven, offered by the Dating experts.

What you post and how you interact with your suitors can tell the difference between a torrid love life and a romantic Siberia. We have asked experts online dating sites eHarmony, Match, OKCupid and Hinge to reveal what works and what does not.

1) Add profile photos. Do not stop at just one photo: add a second double your chances of being contacted and post more than 10 quadruple your chances. Sports photos are 45% more likely to get an “I like” and black and white photos have 106% more.

2) Smile but do not show your teeth. Men who do not show their white teeth on their photos have a 43% chance of getting an “I like”. ” It makes me feel more serious, ” says Olivia Abramowitz of Hinge.

3) Show that you can laugh at yourself. Self-deprecating profiles have 4% “I like” more. For example, a good answer to “my wish list” could be “cooking a meal without, for once, having to find the packaging in the trash to read the instructions.”

4) Show that you love the sea or the ocean. Write “sail” on your profile and you will have 69% more contacts. Write “beach” and you’ll get 29% more. The best profiles also tend to mention spots along the water such as the Caicos Islands or Nantucket. However, do not post photos in swimsuits, Hinge advises: you will have 80% less “I like”.

5) Make messages between 40 and 90 characters. This is the average length of most missives that reach their target. For example «Expert Camper? Have you visited many national parks? “(60 characters).

6) Wait at least 4 hours before sending a message. Contact him twice in less time and you will have a great chance of not having an answer.

7) Use the “Bloody Marys and Fried Chicken” tactic. Surprisingly, in 50% of cats that mention Bloody Marys and 24% of those who mention fried chicken, chatters exchange their numbers, says Hinge.

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