The Apple iPhone X, a cash machine for Samsung

The Apple iPhone X, a cash machine for Samsung
Samsung captures nearly one-third of Apple's spending on component purchases. Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP

The Apple iPhone X should bring between $ 80 and $ 110 to Samsung from every sales, depending on the models. The Korean remains the first supplier of components for the American.

Good operation for Samsung. The iPhone X is full of components coming out of its factories. So much so that each iPhone X sold should bring them between 80 and 110 dollars (between 68 and 94 euros), depending on the models. The Apple smartphone should even generate $ 4 billion more revenue for Samsung than its own Galaxy S8, according to a study by Counterpoint Technology Market Research for the Wall Street Journal. The cost of manufacturing iPhone X is part of the secrets of Apple, but considering the estimates made for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, this amounts to saying that Samsung captures nearly a third of the spending by the American for the purchase of components. The rise in the price of memories is not unrelated to this inflation. Even if the screen remains the most important item of expenditure.

Partners and rivals

Apple depends on Samsung for its supplies and Samsung from Apple for its results. The relationship between the two giants is spiced up by their commercial rivalry over the highly disputed smartphone and tablet markets. The American is trying to diversify its sources of supply to reduce the weight of Samsung in its industrial device but without great success. Samsung’s contribution to the iPhone has remained virtually stable over the last twelve months. It’s not so easy to build industrial partnerships of this magnitude in no time at all! In addition, Samsung has for him the mastery of some advanced technologies dear to Apple, like the Oled screens.

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