Australian pilot spells out ‘I’m Bored’ during test flight

Australian pilot spells out 'I'm Bored' during test flight

A pilot from Adelaide, Australia, took a flight route with some artistic inspiration last Tuesday.

According to ABC News Australia, between 8:53 am and 11:57 am, during a flight training on a Diamond Star plane, the pilot drew two penises followed by an “I AM BORED”, which, everything is said, it can only be detected through a flight tracker.

The flight tracking company FlightAware shared an image of the flight. ” It is quite common for pilots to become creative and trace words or other images in the sky as they fly,” a FlightAware spokesman told when asked if the images are rare.

Australian pilot spells out 'I'm Bored' during test flight

Australian Civil Aviation Security spokesman Peter Gibson told ABC that drawings on flight routes are “rare but not unknown.”

All pilots plan a track for their aircraft to get between where they’re going from and to — now what that track looks like once it shows up on radar of course is another thing entirely,” Gibson told ABC. ” Of course, how that track looks once it appears on the radar, is something completely different .”

Australian pilot spells out 'I'm Bored' during test flight

Perth Now reports that the pilot behind Tuesday’s aerial graffiti, whose name has not been published, worked for Flight Training Adelaide and was flying a plane with a new engine in a certain power configuration in order to prepare the plane for flights training.

The flight training director in Adelaide, Pine Pienaar, told Perth Now that the practice in question was not approved, but suggested that the pilot “get bored.”

“It was just a bunch of guys wanting to go out and have a bit of fun”.

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