Bonsai theft: Japanese couple robbed of 400-year-old tree

Bonsai theft: Japanese couple robbed of 400-year-old tree

It happened in January, in the private garden of a Japanese couple in Tokyo. Thieves took away up to 7 bonsai trees, some over 400 years old and valued at $ 166,000. The couple decided to go to social networks to share care instructions.

These instructions were addressed to those who had stolen the bonsai. Apparently, the couple, still in shock and hoping that their “baby trees” were returned, implored through the networks to take care of them properly.

One of the species is a Shimpaku juniper bonsai. As the owner explained to CNN, the tree, with a value close to $ 127,700, was scheduled to appear in a Japanese art contest this month. “He needs daily care and cannot survive a week without water, ” he explained.

The couple’s husband, Seiji Iimura, is a bonsai teacher whose family practice dates back to 1603. The woman explained that the stolen Shimpaku tree had been removed from a mountain centuries ago by her husband’s family, who reduced it to its current form of one meter high and about 70 centimeters wide. ” We treat these miniature trees like our children, ” he said.

The owner also said that she suspected that the people behind the theft were professionals, since they had successfully identified the ” most valuable trees ” of the couple’s property, which has around 3,000 bonsai.

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