What Bra Should I Choose For My Breast?

What Bra Should I Choose For My Breast

Whether you have a small breast or a generous breast, it is better to find lingerie suited to your body. And if one is not really satisfied with the work of Mother Nature, a good bra can sometimes save you. We explain everything in the guide to find the bra suited to our breasts.

Whether you have tiny breasts or your chest grazes the E cap, do not panic, it’s no good to complex!

The most important thing is to find the bra that suits you perfectly.

What bra for small breasts?

If you have small breasts, good news, you can afford everything, or almost. In fact, everything will depend on the effect you expect.

Inevitably, if you want to stuff your chest, you are advised against wearing a bandeau bra. Although it is very practical to wear in summer, it crushes the chest slightly.

The triangle bras without braces are perfect to sublimate your small breasts. They offer lightweight support, but if you do not need it, they are always pretty under a shirt or cleavage. Choose it in lace for a very sexy effect.

If you’re dreaming of a bigger chest, push-up bras are your best friends! They make it possible to highlight your breasts by bringing them closer and raising them slightly. Often equipped with a foam cushion, they also have a curving effect.

What bra for generous breasts?

If you make the cup D, E, or even more, you inevitably need to hold. If unfortunately, you can forget the headbands or the triangles without reinforcements, you can turn to the brassieres bras or the nesters.

These models offer you a good support thanks to the frames, the more or less wide straps and a great comfort. If you want to offer a nice neckline, opt for a triangle shape with frames. You are certain to sublimate your bust!

What bra for medium breasts?

If you have a chest between the B cup and the D cap, you have a chest that does not require much maintenance. According to your wishes, you can also allow triangles with or without reinforcements.

The brassieres bras are perfect for you, just like the bras push-up if you want to put your chest in value. In any case, your breast type allows you to wear a lot of brassieres.

It all depends on the effect you are looking for: if your chest falls a little, avoid triangles without holding. Conversely, if your chest is naturally (lucky!) You are free of everything!

To know its size of bra, there are several possibilities. Measure it with a tape measure, calculate the size of your bonnet or go directly to a specialized store. The saleswomen are ideal to advise you.

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