Celebrities rally in support for young boy Keaton Jones Heartbreaking Anti-Bullying video goes viral

Celebrities rally in support for young boy's Heartbreaking Anti-Bullying video goes viral

Celebrities of different calibers came to the defense and showed their support to Keaton Jones, a teenager from Tennessee who narrated his experience of being bullied via video that his mother shared through Facebook. The shocking video went viral on social networks, also got the support of the adults.

Between tears, the boy narrates the harassment to which he is subjected at school. “They make fun of my nose. They call me ugly. They say that I do not have friends, “he says in the video that was posted last Friday and that already has millions of views.

That day his mother had to go to pick him up at school because he was afraid to go to the cafeteria. “They poured milk over me and put ham in my clothes. They threw me bread. “

The boy wonders why his colleagues treat him like this, without understanding the goal. “Just out of curiosity, why are they bullying? What is the purpose? Why does it make them happy to bother innocents and find ways to be evil with them. That is not right. I do not like what they do to me and, of course, I do not like that they do it to others because it is not right. Those of us who are different do not have to be criticized, it is not our fault, “he said, demonstrating great maturity.

Keaton perhaps did not imagine that his claim would be heard by no less than celebrities among the millions who shared his grief was Millie Bobby Brown, the star of “Stranger Things” who told him via Twitter: “I think you’re very cool Keaton! I want to be your friend. Seriously, you’re amazing. “

Chris Evans, the very Captain America, invited the young man and his mother to the premiere of the next sequel to “The Avengers” in 2018 as their special guest, in addition to offering words of encouragement. “Be strong Keaton. Do not let them make you insensitive. I promise you that everything will go better. “

Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and LeBron James are among those who expressed their support for the young man from Knoxville, who asked his mother to record the video and you can notice the difficulty in her voice when she asks him questions. Wrestlers also expressed themselves and Hailee Steinfeld asked him to be his partner in the debut “Pitch Perfect 3” on Tuesday. Justin Bieber sent him a message via Instagram offering his friendship and communicating with him directly through the network. The Canadian highlighted Keaton’s humanity by also expressing concern for others in his position.

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