Dr.Love: Girls Are you secretly in love with Daddy?

Dr.Love: Girls Are you secretly in love with Daddy?

According to Freud, all the little girls want to marry their dad, and then it passes to puberty. Normally Dr. Love lies on the couch to know if you have digested your Oedipus.

The Oedipus Complex

According to psychologists, every human being passes through several stages of emotional development, including the famous complex of Oedipus. For little girls, this happens between 3 and 7 years with the unconscious desire to sleep with their father and eliminate their rival mother. This is the period when they want to “marry dad”. At puberty, fortunately, teens confronts their complex and turns to other objects of desire.

5 good reasons not to marry your dad

1) It’s illegal.

2) It would not be a little old, your guy?

3) It is too long to explain in the evening “I present to you my husband, who is – by exceptional circumstances – also my father. It is a bit atypical, I agree ”

4) Because we are not in “Game of thrones”!

5) Because if you have a rotten surname, you will have to collect it for life!

An orgasm-based opera!

For the promotion of “Turandot”, Puccini’s opera, Folkoperan of Stockholm, had the idea of a trailer where the air of Nessun Dorna would be restored only with orgasms put end to end. The clip is surprising and makes you want to enjoy the show!



Films that deal with Oedipus

1) Donkey skin

2) Perfect mothers

3) Mommy!

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