Elon Musk shares last picture of SpaceX’s Starman as it heads into deep space

Elon Musk shares last picture of SpaceX's Starman as it heads into deep space

Elon Musk Shares ‘LAST’ image of TESLA CAR as it heads into deep space. Tesla Roadster is the first car to be sent into space heading for the asteroid belt, well beyond Mars.

The CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, confirmed the route that takes the Tesla Roadster, which went on board the Falcon Heavy rocket that took off from Florida on Tuesday.

The electric red convertible is an unorthodox load aboard the Falcon Heavy. The idea is to demonstrate that the spacecraft is capable of carrying more load.

Typically, test flights carry worthless things, like concrete blocks, but Musk said that was “boring”, so he put his red Tesla in space. Musk directs the automaker and the private space company SpaceX.

Falcon Heavy, owned by SpaceX, is the most powerful rocket today. Double the takeoff force of your closest competitor.

Musk said the final firing of the rocket’s upper stage put its red convertible into a more distant orbit than planned. It will not only reach the Red Planet, but almost the dwarf planet Ceres, in the asteroid belt.


In the driver’s seat of the Tesla there is a mannequin dressed as an astronaut nicknamed “Starman”. Musk does not plan on bringing people aboard the Heavy, but is working on an even larger rocket to take crews to deep space.

The Falcon Heavy was launched from the same platform from where NASA sent men to the moon almost 50 years ago.

The rocket is designed to carry huge satellites, such as those used in the US Army and large communication companies.