Elon Musk is more important than Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson

Elon Musk is more important than Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson
Image: Neil Degrasse (AP)

If you had to choose the most relevant person of the last decades, the one who has played a more important role in our lives, who would you choose? Renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse is quite clear, that person is Elon Musk, and these are his reasons.

In a recent interview with CNBC the researcher talked about the importance of the CEO of Tesla nowadays over personal names such as, for example, that of Steve Jobs. For the astrophysicist:

As important as Steve Jobs was, no doubt about it and you have to add him to Bill Gates, because they birthed the personal computing revolution kind of together, here’s the difference: Elon Musk is trying to invent a future, not by providing the next app

What Elon Musk is doing is not simply giving us the next app that will be awesome on our smartphone. No, he is thinking about society, culture, how we interact, what forces need to be in play to take civilization into the next century.

The interview quickly turned to one of Musk’s dreams. The CEO of Tesla is not only developing electric cars, his plans include sending humans to Mars by 2024 and, perhaps, colonizing the planet. According to Neil deGrasse, who also currently presents the “StarTalk” program on the National Geographic Channel:

Musk is trying to revolutionize both human transport and space exploration. Space colonization could have a tremendous impact on civilization, potentially eliminating the need for confrontations due to the decrease in natural resources. Because there are unlimited resources in space; resources that, on Earth, we fight with wars over.

In space, you don’t need to fight a war, just go to another asteroid and get your resources. A whole category of war has the potential of evaporating entirely with the exploitation of space resources, which includes the unlimited access to energy as well.

For this reason, the astrophysicist believes that Musk is trying to tackle a universal problem with the possibility of ” transforming civilization as we know it “. DeGrasse ended the interview by saying some strong words for Musk’s critics and detractors. Anyone who knows and cares about space exploration knows and cares about Elon Musk, ” said the astrophysicist. [ CNBC ]

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