Elon Musk thinks flying cars are a bad idea

Elon Musk thinks flying cars are a bad idea

The man puts forward several arguments to justify his thought.

It’s a bit of the element that comes up regularly in fiction: flying cars. One of the best examples is Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner in which these machines populate the skies of the city. Elon Musk, a whimsical big boss of Tesla and Space X, is totally against the idea of flying cars. The man even put forward several arguments during an interview at an event for The Boring Company, one of the companies. A company entirely dedicated to dug tunnels, area in which the billionaire wants to invest.

Flying cars are a bad idea according to Elon Musk

As explained earlier, the man behind the Tesla, autonomous cars, thinks that flying cars are a bad idea in contrast to Uber. As a reminder, the giant wants to propose a flying taxi – whose first prototype has been presented to the press – in several American cities. A way to offer fast and accessible transportation that can avoid traffic jams.

There will be millions of flying cars everywhere and, inevitably, a person will not do the maintenance of his vehicle and will let a hubcap fall that will kill someone down.

The position of the man is clear: flying cars, contrary to what is advanced in the works of SF, are not the transport of tomorrow. It must be said that Elon Musk defends his interests and wants to allow people to go from one city to another through a system of tunnels and rockets. The man will have sent a car a few months ago in space. One way to show that his company is at the forefront of technology and the world tomorrow.

It remains to be seen if the flying cars, which Uber already thinks of as explained above, will be the vehicles of tomorrow. And especially if Elon Musk was right in predicting deaths by hubcaps from the sky.

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