Elon Musk wants to put video games in every Tesla

Elon Musk wants to put video games in every Tesla

It was on Twitter that the founder of Tesla announced that he was looking for developers for a particular project.

Elon Musk is a divisive personality. The whimsical inventor, the man is often disturbed for his borderline statements and other marketing moves – some suspect that the construction of submarines for children stuck in Thailand was only a means to put forward. But today is another famous Elon Musk project that interests us: the Tesla. And for good reason, the inventor would simply like to offer video games for his connected car. Games that we imagine exclusive to the latter since Elon Musk is simply looking for talented developers and has even posted an ad on his personal Twitter.

Today, Elon Musk wants to create a bridge between his connected cars and the world of video games, very prolific. The man imagines exclusive hits proposed for the Tesla and seeks developers to set up the project. We can easily imagine passengers, children and adults, playing titles while in the Tesla, on the way to holidays – for example! Elon Musk took the opportunity to make a very limpid announcement on his Twitter.

Video games for the Tesla car

If you are in video game creation, you can help Tesla. We want to create super fun games that will be offered on the central touch screen, phones and cars in real life.

Elon Musk took the opportunity to ask developers to send him prototypes. Prototypes that will have to demonstrate “fun”: Tesla seeks above all games made to pass the time. It remains to be seen whether a small nugget video game will be among the proposals of the Tesla.

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