Elon Musk will not smoke marijuana in public again, NASA has made sure of it

Elon Musk will not smoke marijuana in public again, NASA has made sure of it

In early September Elon Musk, head of Tesla and SpaceX, was invited to Joe Rogan’s podcast, where the actor and host challenged him to take a puff on a marijuana cigarette. Musk did, and this seems to have prompted NASA to ban him from doing something similar in public again.

NASA announced, weeks after the Musk meeting with a joint, that it would carry out an assessment of safety and working conditions in its private partners, such as SpaceX and Boeing, in part due to Elon’s actions, which, even if only One puff, is considered by the agency as a bad example for the employees of the aerospace company.

“[Musk’s actions on the podcast] were not good, nor does it inspire confidence in NASA. The leaders of these organizations must set the example of what is right when you lead a company that will launch American astronauts into space.

I can assure you that [Musk] is committed to safety, like everyone in his company and in the agency, and now he understands that what he did was not appropriate. It will not happen again. “

Jim Bridenstine, administrator of NASA, has assured that this will not happen again. We should never see Elon Musk smoke a joint or even drink whiskey before the cameras or in public again.

NASA’s review of the private companies with which it works is their way of verifying that these companies take the necessary safety measures to avoid accidents, which can result in equipment losses or, even worse, in the death of astronauts. Bridenstine confirmed that NASA had planned to carry out these security checks on SpaceX and Boeing from before the joint incident, but does not deny that Musk’s actions caught his attention, as did the fact that the executive director has also confessed that is working without stopping or resting to solve the problems of Tesla and its production of the Model 3.

Musk seems to have been unharmed by this review, as the words of the administrator of NASA suggest, beyond the warning that he does not do something similar, or there could be worse consequences.

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