Facebook admits using your phone number for targeted ads

The social network tries, as always, to justify itself as it can.

Facebook admits using your phone number for targeted ads

New day, new data exploitation for the giant Facebook. After the Cambridge Analytica case, the revelations are linked to how the service uses the personal information of its users. The new case comes from researchers at Northeastern University and Princeton regarding the use of their phone number.

As a reminder, the double authentication on Facebook requires information this information, which normally should not be used for purposes of exploitation – here advertising. It is with Ubergizmo that Facebook tried to justify itself.

A new case that tarnishes Facebook’s reputation (again)

This is a rather interesting discovery made by the researchers of the two universities mentioned above. Facebook would use the phone numbers used to double-authenticate its users for advertising purposes. But here it is: the social network does not specify it and once again plays the card of dishonesty once caught on the facts. For several months, the disappointments are linked to the social network and its exploitation of personal data. Contacted by Gizmodo, Facebook tries to explain.

We use the data that users provide in order to provide a better, personalized experience, including advertisements. We are clear about how we use this information, the contacts people put in their account. This data can be managed and deleted at any time.

Still, users are not informed of this policy and Facebook is trying, once again, to clear customs with arguments unconvincing.

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