Five things we did before technology arrived

Five things we did before technology arrived

For people who were born in the seventies, there are technological advances that make us feel as if we were born in the stone age. We did not grow up with computers, cell phones, or GPS; There were not even locators in our time.

But what surprises most of a teenager is that until recently we did not carry small laptops in our pockets. Surely, something similar will happen with the teenagers of the future and for those of today, there will be someone much younger who thinks that carrying a smartphone in your pocket is the most outdated thing that exists. it is the law of life.

There are many things that we did before this tremendous technological revolution and that still makes sense for those of us who did not grow up with that little laptop that makes life so easy for us. Let’s then become nostalgic.

1. We used maps and asked how to get somewhere

If with everything and Google Maps there are those who are still lost, imagine what we lived past generations. Sometimes it was very difficult to get to a party or meeting and we ended up asking in the corner store if they knew how to get to X or Y called; It was an art to navigate the world almost blindly. The most considerate hosts could even draw us a sketch to make our lives easier.

2. We were waiting at home for a phone call

In something that today seems unprecedented given that almost every individual on this planet has its own phone. Before there was only one phone for the whole family, and if you were waiting for a call, it was very likely that the line was busy because someone else in your family was using it. Then, when the Internet made its appearance and worked only through the telephone line, the matter could get even more complicated.

3. We looked for information in books

When the predecessors to the millennials were in school, the Internet did not exist, which means that in order to do the task, the information had to be obtained in books, those that were in the house or in the nearest library. Already in the nineties, with the first computers appeared the digital encyclopedias (remember Encarta?) And everything began to simplify a little.

4. We had to leave the house to have fun

Being in the house was a total synonym of boredom and all the fun was outside, especially the most modern. For university students Arcade and adults casinos if you were lucky enough to live in a city where there was one. Today we have everything inside the smartphone and we can play video games to casino classics like blackjack, which can even be played with live dealers.

5. We had meaningless discussions

Its existence may seem trivial nowadays, but in its time the Guinness Book of Records was created to avoid silly discussions. Nowadays, with the Internet, any discussion is finished in a matter of seconds, but before the arguments for nonsense like who were the protagonists of this or that movie were left unresolved. Amazing!

There are many ways in which technology has made our existence much simpler, although it also sometimes seems to complicate it more. In the end, it depends how we use it and with what intentions.

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