Google to turn your smartphone screens into speakers

Google to turn your smartphone screens into speakers

On the sidelines of CES 2018, Bloomberg tells us that Google has bought the English start-up Redux for an unknown amount. It presented a technology capable of transforming a surface, like the screen of a smartphone, into audio speakers.

In 2017, the so-called “borderless” design has stormed the smartphone market. But this one could scare fans of frontal speakers, since such a desire seems to condemn them to move on the edges of the device.

Google showed us, however, that it did not intend to abandon it. With its Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL , it will have been one of the few manufacturers to offer a 18: 9 ratio screen combined with front speakers. In the future, it would insist on this path at all costs.

Google buys Redux and its technologies

Indeed, we learn through Bloomberg that the American giant has bought the company Redux for an undisclosed sum. It was known for its technology capable of turning a surface into an audio speaker.

The English start-up had already demonstrated its technology in a mobile setting. She had managed to turn the glass of a smartphone screen into speakers, which could explain the interest of Google.

Front speakers whatever the cost

Also, we imagine that the American giant would have the idea to equip his range Google Pixel front speakers at all costs. In the face of ” borderless ” and 18: 9 ratio screens, Redux technology could indeed allow this without compromising its design.

Google is the monster it is, however difficult to truly establish that this purchase was made in this context. It could just as well exploit the technology by offering the sale of user licenses to its manufacturing partners. The future will tell !

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