Help NASA: Send your cloud photos

Help NASA: Send your cloud photos

After having repeatedly asked for the participation of the general public, NASA comes back to ask us to lend a hand. This time, it is the cloud enthusiasts who will be filled: the company is asking for help for the analysis and confirmation of data from various observation instruments located on six different satellites. All this data will be processed in the framework of the CERES project (Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System), which tries to better understand clouds, and more specifically their precise role in the process of climate change.

It is, therefore, a question of helping to study the clouds, some being particularly difficult to observe from the satellites. To participate, nothing more simple: just download the GLOBE Observer app, which gives a step-by-step procedure to send your cloud photos. Other data will be requested when sending photos, for example, the color of the sky at that time (deep blue to pale blue), or the type of cloud present on the plate. The app has some reference photos to help identify these, and in case of doubt, the Internet is full of practical databases. The operation will continue until April 15, and it will be possible by then to send ten photos a day.

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