How Thanos has changed since Avengers

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The trailer of Infinity War reveals a great villain different from his first appearances.

In 2012, Thanos was unveiled in the end credits of Avengers. Marvel intended to make it the big villain of the upcoming blockbusters, and it is becoming reality. Five and a half years later, the trailer of Infinity War, the third installment of the saga, shows the super-bad guy played by Josh Brolin in all his evil power, recovering one by one the Stones of Infinity. Meanwhile, the arrival of the character had been teased in two other productions of the firm:  The Guardians of the Galaxy, and  The Age of Ultron . Back on its evolution.


2012: First appearance in a post-generic scene of Avengers
From his first meeting of superheroes,  Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel, has already in the idea to make them face Thanos, one of the big bad guys comics. At this time, his interpreter is not yet chosen, which probably explains why the character is barely glimpsed, and he does not speak. It’s a  Damion Poitier, American actor and stuntman aged 30 at the time, which made the performance capture character for the occasion.

Over time, the studio will make it known that the ultimate fight against this evil being will take place in  Avengers 3, and that this episode will be cut in two parts. We know now that he will be the main threat of Infinity War, at the cinema next spring, and that he will return to  Avengers 4  in May 2019.


2014: Thanos is played by Josh Brolin among the  Guardians of the galaxy
Two years after  Avengers, Thanos returns for a longer sequence of  Guardians of the galaxy where he asks Ronan the Accuser ( Lee Pace ), the villain of film, to recover for him the Orb containing the Stone of Power. We also understand that he is the adoptive father of Gamora ( Zoe Saldana ) and Nebula ( Karen Gillan ), raised to become  “weapons”  and mounted against each other. This complicated relationship should be at the heart of the Avengers suites.

Between  Avengers and  The Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel has found Thanos’ interpreter: it will be  Josh Brolin, who has since scooped the role of another bad guy from Marvel, but in a competing production (20th Century Fox):  Cable in  Deadpool 2. The actor of the  Goonies and  No Country for Old Men embodies the bearer of the Glove of the Infinite capture performance and lends him his voice. On his throne, giving orders to Ronan, the character is very imposing and he enjoys his power and machiavellism by smiling again. Physically, it’s also darker than in  Avengers his skin is more purple than violet, and his features are finer.


2015: Thanos takes things in hand at the end of Avengers 2
A few months after the failure of Ronan in  The Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos reappears in a post-generic scene of The Era of Ultron to affirm that as his Little soldiers cannot recover the Stones of Infinity, he will do it himself. He is still wearing his golden outfit and his helmet, and his skin remains purple.


2017: Thanos attacks the  Avengers
The trailer of Infinity War clearly shows the goal of the big bad: to gather the Infinity Stones to collect them on his glove and gain power. Exit killing superheroes in passing: Vision ( Paul Bettany ), an artificial intelligence created by Iron Man who lives thanks to the Stone of the Spirit seems particularly in bad position. Thanos will be helped in his quest by his henchmen  Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Black Dwarf and Ebony Maw.

Surprise: close-ups of the character show him physically very different from his first appearances. It is no longer purple or mauve, but pink, probably because it is seen for the first time in the day, in full light. His eyes no longer appear a piercing blue (always because of the sun?) And as he does not wear his helmet, his bald head brings out his huge square jaw. He seems less wrinkled above the lips than in his scenes of the  Guardians and Avengers 2. Maybe because he does not smile fully, unlike his previous scenes (even if he says that his evil plan gives him a smile). It appears, however, more threatening than ever, gigantic compared to its enemies (Spider-Man, in particular) and ready to crush them. “When the time comes, you’ll know what it’s like to lose, to be right, and to fail anyway, to fear it, to try to escape, you will not escape fate.”

Here is the Infinity War Event Trailer. The blockbuster will be released on April 25, 2018.

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