Jennifer Lawrence reveals she felt ‘violated by the whole planet’ when nude photos leaked

Jennifer Lawrence reveals she felt ‘violated by the whole planet’ when nude photos leaked

On August 31, 2014, a failure in Apple’s iCloud service allowed hackers to steal private images of different celebrities, which they soon spread across the web. One of those affected was Jennifer Lawrence , whose nude photos began to circulate everywhere. “When that happened, it was so invasive that I can not even put words to it,” the actress said during an interview she gave this weekend at the podcast Awards Chatter on The Hollywood Reporter.

“I think I’m still processing it.” When I found out what was happening, my security team immediately contacted me, it happened minute by minute, it looked like a rescue of prisoners, where they were releasing a photo per hour, “recalled Lawrence. “I do not know, I felt that I was raped by whole damn planet, that there was not even one person in the world who was not able to see these intimate photos of me, you could be in a barbecue and suddenly someone would take out a cell phone and he had them there, it was something impossible to process, ” she said.

To make the situation more difficult, neither she nor the other victims had a way of counteracting what had happened. “Many women were affected by this, and several of them called me to sue Apple and others involved, but none of that was going to bring me peace, none of that was going to give me the privacy of my naked body, nor me Nic -Nicholas Hoult, her boyfriend at that time-, the person to whom those images were destined, then I was not interested in suing anyone, I just wanted to take care of healing that wound, ” she added. “About a year and a half ago, someone told me that I was a good role model for the girls, and as soon as I said this I had to go to the bathroom to cry because I felt like an impostor. that after what had happened ?.

The movie Red Sparrow, which has just finished filming, was in part a way to overcome the trauma caused by the hack. “It’s very sexual, which always scared me, I’ve always kept myself in a position of ‘of course not, there’s no way I’ll ever do anything sexual on the screen,’ especially after the photos were leaked. So for me, making this movie was like recovering something that had been taken from me. “

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