Jimmy Kimmel breaks down in emotional monologue about Las Vegas shooting

Jimmy Kimmel breaks down in emotional monologue about Las Vegas shooting

Monday night at his Late Show in the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre, Jimmy Kimmel breaks down and split a long monologue.

Usually when Jimmy Kimmel enters the set of his Late Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live is a smile on his lips. But on Monday, October 2, the famous host had his heart crushed like millions of Americans. Overwhelmed by the Las Vegas massacre that caused hundreds of injuries and more than 50 deaths, Jimmy Kimmel embarked on a long speech.

The trembling voice, the eyes misted with tears, the 49 host did not try to pretend: “I’m sorry to be so excited, I’m not very good to do this stuff” a- ” I would like to make this show a show of humor!” I hate to talk about this kind of stuff, I’d like to laugh every night, but it’s getting harder and harder. if someone had opened a window to hell “.

Very angry, he also denounced the conditions of obtaining arms in the country, pointing to the lobbyists and politicians who defend the 2nd amendment of the constitution which gives the right to each individual to possess a weapon: ” I assume that the founding fathers wanted us to have AK47 machine guns he said, not defending himself, but ultimately” killing as many people in as little time as possible. “

Indignant by politicians in favor of firearms for people with psychological disorders, who said they prayed for the victims, Jimmy Kimmel added: ” And they have reason to pray! They should pray that God forgives them for ‘letting the gun lobby lead this country “.

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