Moon to get 4G mobile network to stream HD video back to Earth

Moon to get 4G mobile network to stream HD video back to Earth

This is, in any case, the project of a Berlin start-up that plans to equip our satellite with a 4G network by 2019. Nokia, Vodafone and Audi are in charge of the technical part of the project.

PT Scientists, the German start-up, plans to send to the Moon a module called ALINA (Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module) to be launched by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, as Nokia announced in a statement.

Live and HD videos

50 years after the first steps of the man on the Moon, it will be the first private launch of an object on the lunar floor.

The module will deposit two Audi Lunar Quattro rovers, responsible for gathering information. All photos and videos will be transmitted to Earth through the 4G network developed by Vodafone and Nokia. Alina will function as a relay antenna allowing the first broadcast in HD and live from the Moon.

Moon to get 4G mobile network to stream HD video back to Earth

The module will remain in place for future missions and stays on the Earth satellite.

A first step towards the conquest of space

The purpose of the operation: to reduce energy costs for the transmission of information between the Earth and the Moon. “The less energy we use to send data, the more we keep on doing science! Says Robert Böhme, CEO and founder of PT Scientists. The 4G is indeed very energy efficient and can send images of better quality.

“This is a crucial first step towards a sustainable exploration of the solar system. If we want humanity to leave its terrestrial cradle, we must develop infrastructures beyond our own planet, “insists the German entrepreneur.

Sign of the evolution of lunar missions, the two rovers will aim to film their predecessor, a vehicle of the Apollo 17 mission that has been in the Taurus-Littrow valley since 1972.

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