North Korea launches new high-altitude missile

Moment North Korea fired missile over Japan

Traveled 1,000 km, 4,500 km above sea level, Pyongyang fired its most powerful missile

North Korea’s new intercontinental ballistic missile fire on Tuesday is not just the new episode of an anxious and already too long soap opera. It demonstrates the growing capabilities of the Pyongyang regime in this regard.

The regime of Pyongyang had not disturbed the surface of the world, nor its sky, since September 15 last. He ended his wait-and-see attitude on Tuesday night with a new intercontinental ballistic missile. The Pentagon said the object had traveled 1,000 kilometers before crashing into the Sea of Japan. Japan also confirmed in the wake that the shot had ended its race in its exclusive economic zone.

The UN Security Council has said it will meet in an emergency Wednesday evening. Donald Trump also reacted. But, at first, he was content to say the following: “We will take care of it”. The brevity of the phrase is surprising as the North Korean essay is heavy with new elements.

A threat “for the whole world”

In addition to crossing a distance of 1,000 kilometers, the missile had risen 4,500 kilometers in altitude, ten times higher than the International Space Station. These statistics make this new shot the most powerful that Pyongyang has ever managed to put in place. US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis said the North Korean initiative was “a threat to the world.”

The altitude reached, the distance traveled bear, in any case, an additional indication. If the shooting had been done horizontally, and not vertically, it could have reached any American city, even the very distant Washington and New York.

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