Photos that celebrities would never want to see

Averagerob rocks with his humorous photoshoped celebrity images

Photos that celebrities would never want to see5

In 2016, this young man rose to fame for his ability to digitally retouch photos of some celebrities to be able to go out with them, in humorous situations. Now, Average Rob continues to make the networks laugh with their occurrences. Here we show you his latest creations. By Abraham Monterrosas Vigueras. Photos:

It is called Average Rob and is originally from Belgium.

He is well known in social networks because he likes to alter celebrity photos to show that not always going out with them is so much fun.

In his Instagram account , it is presented as follows: “I am a mediocre boy from Belgium. My enemies will say that these photos are a result of Photoshop. “

The young man takes both celebrity photos and magazine covers. Also retouch photos with sportsmen and even movie scenes.

His funny photos have made him an entire Instagram character, where he has almost 170,000 followers.

Average Bob is often up to date on important events, to consider in his photomontages. Here, for example, he poses with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West when the Met Gala was held in New York.

When Lady Gaga gave a half-time Super Bowl, she published this photo.

In addition to his great sense of humor, his ability to retouch images is surprising.

Sometimes, it seems that its intention is to subtract some glamor to the photos that usually publish some celebrities in the networks.

Bob works with both studio and paparazzi photos.

Their montages generate thousands of likes and dozens of comments on the networks.

“Justin, I no longer feel my fingers or my nipples. I’m going to die?” He wrote in the description of this photo.

What was your favorite photo? What celebrity would you like to see in a digital retouching? Send us your comments.

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