The Face with Tears of Joy emoji is the most popular, according to Apple


It is the favorite round and yellow face of Americans. The smiley face with combination of laughter and crying (named ” tears of joy”) is the most popular emoji among users of iOs and Mac in the United States, reports The Verge.

Apple has released a chart showing the emoticons most used by its customers. The crying emoji of laughter comes very far in front of the heart emoji, the crying emoji and the one displaying hearts instead of eyes.


Very popular since 2015

This is not the first time this smiley has shown its popularity. It was already one of the ten most used emoticons in 2015, says Slate. That same year, the tears of laughter emoji received the title of “2015 word of the year”, awarded by the very serious British dictionary Oxford, continues Slate.

This year, Apple is not the only one to show the success of this emoticon. The site Emoji Tracker, which lists the use of smileys on the social network Twitter, places it largely ahead too, says The Verge.

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