Robots will occupy almost half of the jobs by 2022, according to the World Economic Forum

Robots will occupy almost half of the jobs by 2022, according to the World Economic Forum

Researchers from the World Economic Forum published a report on employment prospects in the coming years. Specifically, they estimated the volume of production that will be entrusted to robots and other automatic methods. According to scientists, in the next four years, the portion of the work done by robots will increase from 29% to 42%. This is reported on the organization’s website.

Modern technologies are constantly evolving, and some areas of human life have been automated for some time. On the one hand, automation speeds up several processes and can even save a person from the dangers. On the other hand, the use of some of the processes of modern technology means the total or partial elimination of a person’s work that can have a negative impact on employment.

The researchers of the World Economic Forum under the direction of Till Alexander Leopold decided to calculate the number of people at risk of losing their jobs due to the current technological revolution. The researchers interviewed executives from several large companies in the world and calculated how many jobs the robots would occupy.

At the moment, 29% of the world production is automated. According to experts, in the next four years this figure will grow. In 2022, robots will perform 42% of the work. In addition, the researchers also indicated that robots will be used more actively for those skills that until now were considered “exclusively human”: for example, communication and decision making in the field of project management and coordination.

Anyway, it is not worth the worry about the loss of work since according to estimates of scientists, 133 million new jobs will replace the 75 million jobs that robots will take. The production will need, mainly, engineers and developers.

Recently, the digital transformation would mean the dismissal of 4% (or around 1,500 employees) of the Mexican subsidiary of BBVA Bancomer. The justification? “Lighten the load for the personnel” and “satisfy the consumer”.

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