Salma Hayek kissed hippopotamus which scared her daughter

Salma Hayek kissed hippopotamus which scared her daughter

Salma Hayek was on vacation in South Africa, and during a visit to a zoo wanted to show her love for hippos, who even ended up kissing in the mouth a copy that has gained worldwide fame.

So let the Mexican see it through a video in which it is appeared by consenting to Jessica (hippopotamus), the popular actress gave multiple kisses to her which immediately generated all kinds of criticism from her followers who considered the attitude of Salma to be too irresponsible to put in risk their life, since hippos are one of the wildest species that exists.

Although Jessica is a trained animal, many fans of Salma stated that it is not at all healthy to play with the animals’ nature, since at any moment she could have reacted instinctively and could have attacked her.

And although other netizens saw the gesture of Salma as kissing the animal, even her daughter, who appeared in the video, was visibly tense and at one point she was not impressed with the kisses of mom to the hippopotamus that until she had to turn around so she would not see the scene anymore.

The zoo’s guides warned that Salma was too close to the animal, but she did not mind the comments, as she posted the video of her daring on her Instagram account and said, “Who said you could not kiss a hippopotamus ?!”

Watch the video and tell us if you think Salma was adventurous or irresponsible.

Photo credit: Instagram

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