Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to a robot for the first time ever

Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to a robot for the first time ever

Saudi Arabia has just announced with pride its new coup of brilliance: an android Robot named Sophia will become the first robot officially with a nationality and considered a citizen of a country! An announcement deemed historic, probably marking the beginning of a new era.

Between projects of megapolis utopian, equipment worthy of a sci-fi film and new cities 100% dedicated to entertainment, the conservative kingdom multiplies the ads shock to position itself as a nation looking to the future.

Planned to gradually abandon the oil that is today its wealth and gradually move towards clean energy and advanced technology to make its wealth tomorrow, Saudi Arabia does not hide its ambitions to become the technological leader of tomorrow!

In a country where religious law is still very strictly enforced, where women have barely gained the right to drive a vehicle, could it be that robots will soon enjoy more rights than female humans? This may seem all the more ironic, as Sophia has been endowed by her designers with traits and a female first name.

A great shot of com ‘? Maybe. but not only. Indeed, the kingdom follows a common evolution to the oil kingdoms of the Arabian Gulf, which see the dawn of the dark gold and are today forced to think about the future and new ways to maintain their status. As a result, everyone bombs the chest and is engaged in a real bidding war on technological promises.Quit selling dreams by presenting projects worthy of the best (or worst) novels and sci-fi films

Thus, Dubai, presenting a new concept of flying motorcycles to the Star Wars that will soon equip its police, has recently stated its ambition to acquire a quarter of robots in its police force in the coming years.

Saudi Arabia, it declared Wednesday, October 25 want to create “the best place to live in the world”, a gigantic and pharaonic futuristic city, built from nothing in the desert and twice as large as the island of the France.

Known as the code of NEOM, robots should be more numerous than humans and take care of all the most ungrateful tasks to create a real utopia where everything would be turned to comfort and comfort. improvement of the living conditions of humans.

The typical profile of its inhabitants? People with “unique skills”, according to a statement issued by the kingdom, all of them would be likely to give NEOM “the highest GDP per capita in the world. 

But even if this desire to become a “Digital Nation” and to establish itself as the center of innovation in the Middle East may seem to contrast terribly with the religious conservatism of this monarchist state, it is no less certain that the young Crown Prince Mohammed el Salman seems rather favorable to social progress, compared to his predecessors. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go in this direction at the risk of becoming a technologically advanced but extremely rigid human rights nation?

“It is historic to be the first robot in the world to be officially recognized as a citizen of a country in its own right.” Please welcome our new fellow citizen: Sophia.”

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