Stunning New Images Of Mars Crater Full Of Thick Ice Revealed

Stunning New Images Of Mars Crater Full Of Thick Ice Revealed

The latest images of the Mars Express orbiting satellite of the European Space Agency are simply mind-boggling. In them we are brought to the extreme cold of the north of Mars to appreciate the impressive Korolev crater of the red planet and its 81 kilometers of diameter of water ice.

The crater lies just south of the dunes of Olympia Undae , which revolve around the northern polar cap. Korolev fills almost to the edge with pristine ice throughout the year.

And is that, although Mars has stations like on Earth, Korolev, created by a massive impact in the distant past of Mars and named after the Soviet engineer Sergei Korolev.

Crater ice is resistant to melting during warmer summer seasons because the huge ice zone creates a kind of “cold trap,” as ESA calls it. When the air travels above the crater, it cools and sinks on the ice, building a kind of cool “shield” on the ice itself.

So even with the change of seasons, Korolev is still overflowing with ice. You have to think that most Martian craters, even in the coldest regions, do not stay that way throughout the year.

To take the images, Mars Express travels across the desert planet, captures snapshots of different stripes and then transmits them to Earth. Then, ESA scientists combine the images to create a coherent array of different Martian reliefs, dry lakes and frozen bodies of water.

To give us an idea, what we are seeing from the crater are compositions of five different photos, each taken during a separate orbit through Mars.

Stunning New Images Of Mars Crater Full Of Thick Ice Revealed

So all we can say is that they arrive more as you are. In fact, Mars Express will continue to travel the Martian terrain and transmit to the Earth truly amazing extraterrestrial images. [ CNN ]

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