Why Swimming in Cold Water May Be Good for Pain Relief

Why Swimming in Cold Water May Be Good for Pain Relief

A 28-year-old man had nerve surgery for Facial Flushing managed to get rid of his post-operative pain by diving into cold water.

We knew the benefits of cryotherapy on muscle recovery. Today, it seems that cold water is effective against chronic pain. A 28-year-old man relieved severe post-operative pain while swimming in cold water. The case study was published by the British Medical Journal.

The inefficiency of the anti-pain treatments

With rashes on his face, this man had endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy. Either an operation to cut the sympathetic nerve, which prevents redness. But it also caused severe consequences: the man began to feel significant pain in the chest. The doctors prescribed painkillers and physiotherapy, without success.

Before undergoing this operation, the patient practiced triathlon, so he was used to swimming in open water. To relax, he decided, to go swimming without consulting his doctors. He dipped a minute in the cold water.

Why Swimming in Cold Water May Be Good for Pain Relief

“As soon as I found myself in the water, I had a tunnel vision.For the first time in months, I completely forgot the pain or the fear of feeling pain in the chest when I moved. When I came out of the water, I realized that my pain was gone, I could not believe it, “ he told BMJ. Even more surprising, the pains have not returned since this swim.

An unexplained case

For scientists, this unique case does not guarantee that exposure to cold water is linked to the reduction of pain. Nevertheless, they recognize that in this case no other factor can explain why the man no longer feels pain today.

Several things can explain it according to the scientists: the shock of the cold water could cause a reaction of the nervous system and thus an alteration of the perception of the pain. The disappearance of this one can also be explained by the return of this man to a physical activity. While swimming despite his fear of pain, he would have somehow broken the vicious circle in which he was: no exercise because too much pain, and pain related to lack of exercise.

Researchers recommend conducting extensive research on the subject. This unique case is not a recommendation to dive into cold water if you experience chronic pain.

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