Sylvester Stallone breaks his silence on rape accusation

Sylvester Stallone breaks his silence on rape accusation #SylvesterStallone
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Accused of sexual assault by two women, Sylvester Stallone came out of silence to formally deny.

It’s time to clear up for Sylvester Stallone. Following the media quake provoked by the Weinstein affair, other personalities were singled out. Among them, Sylvester Stallone accused in the space of a few weeks of sexual assault by two women for facts that date back to 1986 and 1990.

After weeks of silence, essentially defended by his lawyers and his ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen, the one nicknamed “Sly” has stepped into the niche to restore his truth. In an interview with Radar Online, the unforgettable performer of “Rocky” insisted on denying these accusations in a block:

‘That never ever happened It’s one thing to go after me, but they really attack the innocent — the people that are going along with their lives, their reputations are sullied by this,’ said the 71-year-old star referring to his wife, Jennifer Flavin and their three daughters.

They will bear the burden of a lie for the rest of their lives.This is cruel.You do not have to make things up.’ indignant Sylvester Stallone.

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