She tells her fight against acne on Instagram, thousands of people follow her

She tells her fight against acne on Instagram, thousands of people follow her

She shares all photos of her transformation without filtering or retouching.

ACNE – Her fight speaks to all teenagers and young adults and it is perhaps for this reason that more than 25,000 people follow her fight. Kali Kushner, 22, documents her treatment for severe acne on her Instagram account, My Face Story.

However, it was not for this reason that she created her Instagram account. “Honestly I did not count to become famous, but to show the evolution of my skin during the Accutane treatment I followed for 6 months,” says the girl to Marie Claire.

It is to show the effects on her skin of this new treatment based on Isotretinoin, prescribed for her dermatologist, that she regularly posts photos of them without any retouching.

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One year post Accutane thoughts: I think it's important not to get stuck in the past and continue to grow as an individual. Though Accutane did wonders for my acne, I do still experience cystic (and regular) acne flare ups. If I were to post every time I got a breakout I would be focusing on all the wrong things. It isn't psychologically healthy to fixate on the past and to constantly keep comparing yourself to how things were, good or bad. Don't bring yourself down with negativity, bad thoughts, or things that make you unhappy- life is too short for that. Instead build yourself up with positivity, fill your life with the things you love, and celebrate you as you are now in this moment ⭐️. Learn from your past, move forward- and keep looking ahead. { That being said, I will continue to use this account as a tool for growth & positivity. In addition to monthly updates on how my scars are healing/ how my acne looks I also am going to start to include things that bring me joy and share that joy with you as well. I hope you enjoy how my page has started and will continue to evolve 💕 Cheers! }

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The Accutane, in French Roaccutane, is a very controversial drug. It is the subject of a special recommendation of the ANSM, because it carries a risk of depression and psychological disorders. In 2011, he was suspected of being linked to thirty suicides of adolescents, according to Le Parisien.

Kali Kushner says he always had some acne but the situation got worse in 2014 when her face was covered. “I tried everything: cleansing oils, the caveman’s method, where you put nothing on your face, neither cream, nor potion, nor the antibiotics prescribed by my dermato, but nothing has worked “she says.

After a difficult year, her dermatologist and she agreed to start an Accutane treatment. “It was honestly magical,” she says. This treatment is known for its negative side effects such as dry skin but according to the American Academy of Dermatology, it allows to treat severe acne in four to five months in 85% of the cases.

In revealing itself thus on Instagram, the girl also wants to disassemble some prejudices on the acne. “People think you have acne because you are dirty, or because you do not wash your face,” she says. “But it’s not about that, but about hormones, blood sugar, genetics, more than anything else. People seem to think you’re not doing anything to remedy it, I’m showing the opposite on my Instagram”.

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Just a tinted chapstick 💄💕 & #cliniquemoisturesurge

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