Tesla shares take a hit after Elon Musk smokes marijuana

Tesla shares take a hit after Elon Musk smokes marijuana

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is back in the public eye after he was caught smoking marijuana during an interview; At the same time, a new decline in the company’s shares was registered.

Elon Musk has had a difficult year between statements, some car failures and a couple of not so successful initiatives. Now the streak of the South African tycoon seems to continue after he was caught smoking marijuana while giving an interview and the public is not giving him much pleasure.

The incident occurred while Musk gave a radio interview for the program The Joe Rogan Experience, when the host offered to share a marijuana cigar and the CEO of Tesla accepted. Before, Rogan had told Elon that “how does that work? the people get upset with you if you do certain things “, But the businessman did not back down and took the cigarette.

Musk acknowledged that he had smoked marijuana before, but that he did not smoke frequently. In addition to marijuana, during the conversation both also enjoyed a few shots of whiskey.

During the interview, which lasted more than two and a half hours, Musk spoke about Tesla’s plan to enter the electric aircraft market, to which Rogan acknowledged that the Tesla leader’s projects are “better” than those of his competitors, although he stressed that the company does not yet have a route mapped for its work in this type of transport.

Musk has recently been questioned about the way Tesla drives and even according to information from the specialized site, investors question whether it is convenient for the Canadian national to continue running the company.

Another report from the consultancy MarketWatch affirms that Elon Musk is more popular than ever, but that as its fame grows, also the risk for Tesla. In the report entitled “Elon Musk is more famous than ever, and perhaps more dangerous”, specialists even compare it to Tony Stark.

New retracement of Tesla shares

In parallel with the resonance caused by Musk, shares of Tesla suffered a new setback, but for another reason: The resignation of the chief accountant of the company, Dave Morton, who had taken his place while Elon announced plans to withdraw Tesla of the Stock Exchange.

“Since joining Tesla on August 6, the level of public attention placed on the company, as well as the pace of work at the company, has exceeded my expectations. As a result, this has led me to reconsider my future, “Morton said in the SEC’s statement. “I want to make it clear that I firmly believe in Tesla and its mission, as well as its future prospects, and I have no disagreement with Tesla’s leadership or its financial reports.”

The actions of the manufacturer of electronic vehicles have started the session with a fall of almost 10%, to 252.25 dollars per share, the lowest level since last April 2.

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