The Tesla Roadster, with Starman on board, flies over Mars nine months after its launch

The Tesla Roadster, with Starman on board, flies over Mars nine months after its launch

Starman, the man of the stars that Tesla and Space X sent into space in February aboard a cherry-red Tesla Roadster, has surpassed Mars, according to Space X on Twitter. The company put the vehicle and its inanimate passenger into orbit at the inaugural launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket.

SpaceX shared a diagram of the car, which was once driven by the CEO of aerospace products maker Elon Musk, which indicates that it is located beyond the Red Planet. “The payload will be my midnight cherry Tesla Roadster playing Space Oddity,” Musk tweeted in December before its release. “Destiny is the orbit of Mars. It will be in deep space about a billion years or so if it does not explode in the ascent. “

The Roadster reached beyond Mars about nine months after its initial launch, but it will not stay there. Both the vehicle and Starman will reach a few hundred thousand kilometers from our planet in 2091, according to an orbital modeling study, reports

The authors of that study determined that the car will crash into Venus or Earth, probably in the next tens of millions of years. They give the spacecraft a 6% chance of hitting Earth in the next million years and a 2.5% chance of hitting Venus in that span.

From Space X it is not ruled out during the next times to continue throwing different objects to space both in a form of brand promotion and to encourage the public to participate. However, they had thought to throw a glass with a silkscreen of an image that the user wanted to travel to deep space for millions of years.

On December 14, 1972, we humans left the Moon for the last time and since then we have never returned. The military-political career that prompted us to leave the relative safety of our planet was over and with it the money that financed our space adventures.

However, with Falcon Heavy, which with its 70 meters of height, 2 million kilos of takeoff and with a capacity of transporting around 63,800 kilograms of cargo in low orbit, is the most powerful rocket in activity, Musk could take us from the return to the Moon and, who knows, to Mars. The powerful rocket has that name in honor of the Millennium Falcon, the ship piloted by Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise.

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