This Chinese artificial intelligence can clone your voice

This Chinese artificial intelligence can clone your voice
Baidu's technology fooled a voice recognition system - MANJUNATH KIRAN / AFP

Researchers have developed a technology that can mimic a voice, from a sound recording of less than a minute. A tool that could wreak havoc if it fell into the wrong hands.

And if someone could usurp your voice? It could take control of your connected speaker for example. Researchers from the Chinese internet company Baidu claim to have developed a tool based on artificial intelligence, capable of imitating a voice. All from a sound sample of less than a minute, reports the American website Digital Trends.

“From a technical point of view, this is an important breakthrough,” said Zid, a digital media member of Baidu’s Digital Trends. Because before, it took a lot of samples to successfully reproduce a voice. Baidu is not the first company to tackle voice cloning with artificial intelligence. Lyrebird, a project launched by a Montreal start-up, had succeeded in imitating the voice of President Donald Trump and that of his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Able to deceive a voice recognition system

The synthesis of voice samples developed by Baidu is certainly not perfect but it is sufficient to deceive a voice recognition system. The technology was developed from 800 hours of recording 2400 different voices. For the synthesis of voice is very satisfactory, it takes a hundred extracts of five seconds. But with just five, Baidu has been able to deceive more than 9 times out of 10 a voice recognition system. Cloning experiments are available on this site.

“We see many potential uses for this technology. For example, cloning could help patients who have lost their voice, “says Leo Zou. “A mother could also set up an audiobook with her own voice,” he continues. or to create personalized digital assistants and more natural voice translation services.

Coupled with the device that allows to superimpose a face on the body of another person, like the FakeApp application, the Chinese tool would be likely to wreak havoc. Some malicious people could use it to develop fake news. Researchers at the University of Washington managed to create a fake speech by President Barack Obama.

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