Traveled for years to make world record and the worst happened

Chen Guan Ming, the Chinese who died without being able to beat a Guinness record in his tricycle
Chen Guan Ming, the Chinese who died without being able to beat a Guinness record in his tricycle

COMODORO RIVADAVIA – A “fan of the Olympic Games”. This is Chen Guan Ming, the Chinese citizen who traveled nearly 170 thousand kilometers in search of a Guinness record in a rickshaw with which he fulfilled the dream of reaching the Beijing Olympics, London and Rio. He traveled with a message: “We are on earth to build a better world.”

Interviewed by the BBC, The Telegraph and media around the world, this retired farmer of Chinese nationality had his last record in Patagonia, where he was hit by a truck driver at the height of the locality of St. Julian. His dream of reaching the Tokyo games, in 2020, was truncated.

Chen Guan Ming retired and, far from being in an armchair, decided to leave the comfort and to leave to the adventure. The reason? Travel with the message of the Olympic spirit. His name began appearing in the media in 2008 when he decided to attend the opening ceremony from China.

Then, they gave the entrance to him to be able to see the inauguration. He fulfilled his dream and began to glimpse his next goal: to go to London in 2012 and arrive in Rio in 2016. In the British capital, they took it for crazy. In fact, no one thought he would go to Rio.

However, his adventurous spirit contradicted everyone. Packed suitcases and prepared his tricycle, Chen Guan Ming used some donated tickets by an airline to travel to London, and from there he moved to Liverpool on his rickshaw. With only four words of English in his vocabulary – among them, “bath” – began his journey.

He had to overcome obstacles. His way to the city of The Beatles left anecdotes practically every kilometer: he had to leave a road because it caused a traffic jam, he refused to accept a map of the police. It was not allowed on that road. He then told police: “It’s too complicated to go on small roads, I do not have GPS.”

After the London Games, he returned to China. He saw his family, took care of his father, checked that the rest were perfectly healthy and told them his plans: he prepared his tricycle, filled it with food and decided to leave for Brazil. Without fear and determined to travel the world.

Chen Guan Ming called himself the “crazy Olympian,” a title he surely won after pedaling for 26 countries on his way to Rio.

Guan Ming had started his wild ride 17 years ago, touring China before the Beijing Games in 2008.

He became a kind of celebrity, on Facebook and many sympathizers who often stopped him to take a selfie while pedaling. He traveled with little clothing, scarce funds, and trusted the help of strangers in his travels: people who see him and give him a hot meal, breath or an uphill climb.

” My greatest hope is to encourage the vulnerable, the weak and those who are afraid of the challenges, ” he said in an interview. He added: “I want you to stand up, face difficulties and overcome yourself, with my experience of being encouraged, recognized and supported by people around the world. The virtuous circle will unite the friendship more deeply and will unite peace. ”

This retired Chinese farmer started his adventure and toured Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin American countries and entered Argentina with the intention of going to Chile, Peru and returning to his native country.

In the town of Zarate, Argentina, he celebrated his first 10 years of retirement. He visited the school of martial arts of Professor Walter Mércuri. Mércuri, the teacher of martial arts and holder of the Association of Cultural Exchange of China and Argentina received him with teachers and students, where he had lunch at noon Tuesday. ” I wanted to eat Argentinian roast, but we took it to the vegetarian restaurant and we bought that food that we shared, ” which related the trip that will end before Chile in Peru, in Machu Picchu.

Mercuri told a few weeks ago that “he runs 30 kilometers a day and goes to visit his compatriots in every city where he stops, ” he explained, “since Chen stopped at the market that is in Rivadavia street near the square and” was the attraction of all who passed by the place and took a photo of testimony.After resting for a while, he resumed the march, applauded by his example that led him, when retiring at age 52 (retirement age in China) av over his life just as the Chinese state said to him, “Now, do with your life what you want And he took it very seriously.

In Patagonia was the end of the trip. The 62-year-old Chinese man who rode the world in tricycle since 2011 and passed by Comodoro, where he made his last video record, and Caleta Olivia days ago was hit by a truck Wednesday and died on the spot.

At around 23 this Wednesday, a truck driven by a man and transiting from north to south on National Route No. 3, at the height of Puerto San Julian, struck the car that guided Guan Ming, who died on the spot.

In the incident intervened police personnel from Puerto San Julián and the judicial authorities of Puerto Santa Cruz ordered that the body be transferred to Río Gallegos to have the autopsy done. In addition, it was ordered the seize of both vehicles and the driver was arrested, who is from the capital of Santa Cruz, was in, and then settles down before recovering his freedom.

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