Twitch is now blocked in China and has disappeared from the App Store

Twitch is now blocked in China and has disappeared from the App Store

After a remarkable increase in popularity, Twitch, the main video game streaming site, was no longer accessible in China, and its application was removed from the Apple App Store.

In August of this year, Twitch reached a respectable third place among the most downloaded free applications in China. Sensor Tower, a mobile statistics firm, told The Verge that Twitch downloads that week increased 23 times more than the previous one.

Chinese citizens were forced to download the application massively because they wanted to enjoy the e-sports Asian Games event. The state broadcaster CCTV did not broadcast the games and users more adept of the sport had to find alternatives.

While across China many users reported on Weibo that they had suffered a connection interruption on Monday, others still could access the site from certain provinces in northern and southern China. This situation indicates that the blockade was not total and was not limited geographically.

Twitch is increasing its popularity at a phenomenal speed, and this is also due to the incredible increase in the popularity of some games like Fortnite. However, this is not the only blocked platform in the Asian country; Some social networks like Facebook and Twitter have been permanently blocked. The Chinese market is so big that nobody wants to be left out, Google meanwhile plans to enter covertly, with a censored search engine.

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