Twitter will remove the ‘like’ button to improve the quality of the debate

Twitter will remove the 'like' button to improve the quality of the debate

Twitter plans to eliminate the “like” option in tweets, for, they say, improve the quality of the debate in the social network. Founder Jack Dorsey admitted last week at a Twitter event that he was not exactly a fan of the heart button and would get rid of it “soon”, according to The Telegraph.

Dorsey has emphasized the “healthy conversation” initiative repeatedly during a summer during which he has been summoned to testify before Congress about the perceived biases of Twitter. Your state of mind regarding the ineffectiveness of the “like” button to facilitate meaningful interaction seems to be supported by a vague response to the Telegraph report from the Twitter communication team.

like buttons that value status updates, photos or videos of users, have become a central feature of all popular social networking services since Facebook introduced them. Both networks have had to focus lately on counteracting the manipulation of their platform, including the elimination of false accounts.

The feature was introduced in 2015 as a favorite replacement, a star-shaped button that allowed people to tweet to read later. At the time, opted for the change to the heart to encourage interaction between users. However, the director of the company has questioned the quality of this exchange.

Twitter will also let you know that your tweets do not respect their rules with a public notice. Previously when the social network decided that a publication violated its policies, it asked for it to be deleted before uploading again. However, from this Wednesday the social network will begin to notify which messages were eliminated for an infraction.

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