Veteran About To Commit Suicide Goes To Smoke His Last Cigarette, But Then He Hears Something In Bushes

The former soldier decides to commit suicide, then he hears a noise in a bush that changed his life

Josh Marino is a true war hero. 

While on duty in Iraq, Josh was wounded in the head and since his return from the war, the former soldier suffers from a post-traumatic shock.

Then after arriving in the country, Josh became so desperate that he decided to commit suicide.

So Josh took out a knife and then wrote a farewell letter on his computer.

But just before taking his life, Josh decided to go outside to smoke a last cigarette.

The count had now begun and while Josh was grilling his last cigarette, the ex-soldier heard a funny sound coming from a bush.

The curiosity of the young man was immediately piqued and it was at this moment that Josh realized that it was a kitten that had been abandoned.

The next moment, the kitten purrs while sticking to one of Josh’s legs.

According to Josh, it was the arrival of this cat that saved his life.

From that moment, Josh stopped thinking about his problems, because he was now thinking about the problems of this cat.

Josh baptized the Scout cat and so every day Scout came to visit his new friend.

The ex-soldier nourished and caressed the cat during each of his visits.

But one day, Scout stopped visiting Josh.

At the same time, Josh had begun to associate with a young woman.

But as the days went by, Josh was bored with the presence of a cat and so decided to go and adopt one at the shelter.

However, what Josh did not know was that it was precisely at the refuge that he would find the poor Scout!

Josh was able to officially adopt his friend and bring him home.

Since that time, Josh began to exercise, eat better and he even quit smoking.

He also married his lover and even went to university to help war veterans who are dealing with trauma.

But without Scout, none of this would have happened!

Here is a very touching video where you can discover the adventure of Josh and Scout:

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