Vitamin D could prevent you from certain types of cancer

Vitamin D could prevent you from certain types of cancer

High levels of vitamin D could reduce the risk of cancer by 20%, concludes a large Japanese study published in the British medical Journal.

Having a high level of vitamin D could protect against the occurrence of certain types of cancer. This is affirmed by a Japanese study that followed 33,736 individuals aged 40 to 69 for 16 years.

Over the period, the authors of the study focused on the evaluation of Vitamin D levels of these individuals while taking into account other cancer risk factors such as age, weight (BMI) physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption and diet.

At the end of the work, 3,301 cases of cancer were diagnosed.

The results suggest that higher levels of vitamin D have been associated with a 20% lower risk of all types of cancer for both men and women.

The most convincing results concern liver cancer with a risk lowered by 30 to 50%, especially in men, according to the study.

In contrast, no association has been found for lung cancer or prostate cancer, the study reports.

The protective effect of vitamin D could act up to a certain threshold but would not have additional benefits beyond a certain level, suggest the authors of the study.

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