What’s inside the Super Nintendo Classic Mini?

Hardware similar to the NES Mini

Super Nintendo Classic Mini

Like its big sister released last year, the Super Nintendo Classic Mini is mostly an emulator in a plastic shell, so much so that the hardware of both consoles is substantially identical.

What’s Inside ?

Any entry-level PC or smartphone is now able to properly emulate a 16-bit console and Nintendo has therefore used inexpensive components for its Super Nintendo Classic Mini. Our confreres of have thus dismantled the last retro fashion console, to see the presence of components substantially identical to those found in the NES Classic Mini. It is, therefore, a SoC All winner R16 – composed of 4 cores ARM Cortex A7 and a GPU Mali 400 – that turns the beast. There are also 256 MB of RAM in DDR3 and 512 MB of flash memory. This is more than enough to store the 21 games included in the console.


Software and Games

The software part is based on Linux, and the emulator and its interface have been developed by Nintendo European Research & Development (NERD), whose premises are based in Paris. The team in charge is far from being new since it already owes the emulator of the NES Classic Mini, the Wii emulator for the eShop of the WiiU or the 3DS virtual console. In addition to an impeccable Super Nintendo emulation, NERD has also developed its own tools to faithfully reproduce the effects made possible by the Super FX and Super FX2 chips used on Starfox 1 and 2 as well as Yoshi’s Island.

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