Will Smith Proves to Fans He Can Actually Sing ‘La Bamba’ in Spanish!

Will Smith Proves to Fans He Can Actually Sing 'La Bamba' in Spanish!

Celebrities who share part of their lives on the social media know that not all the comments they receive are positive. Will Smith came up with a recent publication about his trip to the Cayman Islands.

The actor was next to a musical group, which interpreted the song made by the world-famous Ritchie Valens, American singer of Mexican descent.

While Will shared the video of the fun he had when he sang and played the percussion, the comments on the Instagram focused on something else :

“What was that?”, “Your Spanish is fatal” or even “So I sing the songs in English”, commented some users on Instagram to criticize that he did not know the lyrics of the song.

But now, and faithful to his charismatic style, Smith has decided to vindicate himself in the best way: singing and speaking in Spanish.

Of course, the comments from his fans flooded: “Dear Will, you’re unique,” “I need Will to teach me Spanish” or “You speak Spanish better than many Latinos” were some of them he got on his Instagram video.