Yahoo says entire 3 billion accounts was Hacked in 2013

Yahoo says entire 3 billion accounts was Hacked in 2013

If you had a Yahoo! account in 2013, and you thought you had gone through the drops of the data leak, this is most likely not the case.

In the past, Yahoo! has already officialized having been hacked repeatedly and even put forward figures. Today, through Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon that now owns Yahoo!, there is the talk of a new value even more dramatic than previous ones. Indeed, in August 2013 it was not the data (names, telephone number, date of birth, encrypted password or even security questions) of more than one billion accounts that were found in nature, but of all the existing accounts at the time, about 3 billion.

And here is the drama

This discovery would have been made after the acquisition of Yahoo! by Verizon last summer. Therefore, users who did not receive a notification email at the time will receive one now to take the necessary (late) measurements (change password, enable two-step verification and disable for example). The Oath release recalls that the stolen data does not contain clear passwords or banking information.

Can Verizon Rejuvenate Yahoo!?

Verizon, who would probably have done well with this discovery, is still working with law enforcement to clarify the leak and says without surprise to work proactively to ensure the safety of its users.

For those who have questions, a FAQ is still in place at this address.

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