YouTube removes Logan Paul as a preferred ad partner, puts his YouTube Red projects on hold

YouTube removes Logan Paul as a preferred ad partner, puts his YouTube Red projects on hold
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At the heart of a controversy after his video in which he showed a dead body in the “suicide forest” in Japan. Logan Paul has just been removed from two projects in collaboration with the youtube and lost a beautiful source of advertising revenue.

The video platform YouTube has sanctioned one of its stars, Logan Paul, by temporarily suspending his Youtube red movie and decreasing his advertising revenue. The 22-year-old had sparked a controversy in early January for broadcasting a video shot in Japan and showing a video of a man who committed suicide by hanging.

The video was removed from the site a few hours after it went live, but it was already been viewed more than six million times. In this video, the one who made himself known on the video social network Vine, appeared in the video and commented on the dead body of the hanged man, laughing and joking about this drama.

Removed from premium google ad program, reduced earnings

He then apologized, admitting he had “poorly controlled” his influence on the internet and ensuring that he will not repeat the mistake in future. YouTube has put on hold of the Youtube Red project it was preparing with Logan Paul, said a spokeswoman Wednesday. In particular, he was working on his film The Thinning, released last year on YouTube Red, which features content developed specifically for the platform.

Youtube also said that the big blond young man would not appear in the fourth season of the Foursome series, of which he was one of the main characters. The platform also chose to remove him from the Google Preferred ad program, which gives publishers to earn more than the normal adsense earnings from their content.

More and more subscribers on Youtube

While these measures are expected to impact Logan Paul’s revenue through YouTube, the controversy has not affected the number of subscribers. In the span of 16 months, his channel had already grown from 150,000 to 15 million subscribers, according to data from the specialized website SocialBlade, and has earned more than 400,000 since the controversy, to reach Wednesday 15.7 million. According to several estimates, Logan Paul would have earned more than ten million dollars in 2017.

Youtube posted series of tweets saying, YouTube had acknowledged that Internet users who had said they were frustrated with the “lack of communication” between the users and the platform since the controversy had “you’re right to be“. The subsidiary of Google also said Tuesday that it will announce measures soon ” to ensure that a video like this never circulated again ” on its platform.

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