HBO unveils Westworld season 2 at Comic Con

HBO unveils Westworld season 2 at Comic Con

HBO takes advantage of Comic Con to unveil the first images of Westworldseason 2.

A true phenomenon of the end of 2016, Westworld had aroused great concerns during its production before becoming the international event that we know. While a series was eagerly awaited, HBO announced that it would be necessary to wait until 2018 to see Westworld season 2. So saying that the first images of the series were eagerly awaited. Here they are !!

What is Westworld ? In an undetermined future, Westworld is a very special amusement park, directed by Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins). In a setting of the far west, humans come to live an extraordinary experience: by side with androids called hosts, they Can give free rein to their most primary instincts. This is the case of a mysterious black man (Ed Harris) who persecutes and tortures the guests. To him as to the others, the park offers adventure, sex, duels to the death, in extreme hyper-realism. Every day, the robots programmed by Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) follow pre-established scenarios before being reset to start from scratch the next day, with new visitors. Among the guests, Dolorès (Evan Rachel Wood) has some anomalies:

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