an asteroid may hit us in 2135, but NASA has a plan

an asteroid may hit us in 2135, but NASA has a plan

In 2135, the probability that the big asteroid Bennu collides with the Earth is real. To prevent this, NASA has an original idea: to Nuke the asteroid, which could avoid its impact on Earth.

NASA is concerned about the possibility of a giant asteroid crashing on Earth. Even if it is not for now – it is estimated that it will be for 2135 and that the probability is low – a chance on 2700 – the space agency takes things seriously. The latter is, therefore, thinking of a way to prevent Bennu (the name of this asteroid) from coming into contact with the Earth.

An original NASA project to prevent the collision of an asteroid with the Earth

It must be said that it is of great size: 500 meters in diameter and weighs around 3.4 billion tonnes. And that’s not all since Bennu has a displacement speed of 100,000 km / h around the Sun!

Nasa’s concerns are better understood because a potential collision with the Earth could cause major damage. Indeed, the big Bennu potentially has an energy similar to 80 000 bombs of Hiroshima.

Projecting on the asteroid, the wacky idea of NASA?

And even if this is extremely rare, an asteroid twenty times smaller than Bennu had injured a thousand people in a city in Russia. It is not surprising that NASA wants to anticipate the problem with Bennu, finding the right solution. A project was therefore developed with the National Nuclear Safety Administration and two laboratories of the Department of Energy.

And the proposal may surprise since the will is to design a spaceship able to deflect the trajectory of Bennu. And the action that Hammer would take, the name of this ship, is also very original.

Indeed, this one has for mission to Nuke the big asteroid. If that sounds a bit far-fetched, it does not matter: changing the color of Bennu would have an impact on how solar radiation works. The resultant warming could change the trajectory of the asteroid little by little.

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